Fare Guarantee

Taxi fares in Aberdeen are set by Aberdeen City Council and apply to all licensed taxis and private hire cars. These are the prices we charge and are displayed on our taxi tariff fare schedule.

All our vehicles have been checked by the Trading Standards department and their taxi meters have been found to be accurate, within easy view for our customers. The meters will display the current tariff during the day or night and our drivers will be pleased to explain the tariff sheet upon request. Our taxi prices also convey a guarantee to passengers that our drivers will take the shortest practicable route to your destination, unless you provide instructions stating otherwise. Real time travel information is regularly provided by our dedicated dispatch team who advise drivers of traffic congestion, road works or severe weather warnings which can impact on your arrival time. They are pleased to recommend alternative routes that would be quicker under such conditions.

We aim to treat all our customers equally, with dignity and respect. Our drivers will render assistance to passengers who are elderly, infirm or disabled with no extra charge. Whether you have a wheelchair or a guide dog, we are pleased to be of service to all our customers.

For journeys traveling beyond the boundaries of Aberdeen city, prices can be negotiated at the time of booking and an agreed price can be arranged prior to commencing the journey.

Should you have any queries about our taxi fares or any other service we offer, please feel free to call our helpful operations team on 01224 68 68 68.

As a helpful reference guide, here are approximate fares to popular airport destinations from Aberdeen city centre based on the basic tariff rate for up to 4 passengers.

  • Aberdeen Airport – £16
  • Glasgow Airport – £310
  • Glasgow Prestwick Airport – £350
  • Edinburgh Airport – £250
  • Inverness Airport – £200