Our commitment to the environment

We see it as our responsibility to give back to the wider community by conducting our business in a way that is sustainable and has a positive impact on society and the environment. Our company reflects a duty of care by investing in the economic, social and environmental future of the communities where our people live.

We centre our core values on accountability, integrity and trust, placing great value on the relationship that exists between our company, our customers and our business partners. Operating a busy taxi service in the cosmopolitan city of Aberdeen means we have the privilege of meeting many people from different backgrounds. We strive to apply these high ethical standards in our dealings with all people equally regardless of age, ability or culture.

We continue to grow our business thoughtfully offering employment opportunities throughout multigenerational and cross cultural borders. We regularly extend charitable donations by supporting fundraising events and build sustainability into the very heart of our transport operations.

With the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations coming into force in January 2014, greater focus has been given to our waste and resource management. We promote environmental awareness to our drivers and staff and have set ambitious targets to reduce our consumption of energy, paper and water. We aim to recycle 90% of our waste including our food waste.

Our drivers have undergone the Energy Saving’s Trust FuelGood driver training which reduces their CO2 emissions and saves 15% on fuel costs. The introduction of the latest technology in GPS and GPRS data communications reduces the number of ‘dead miles’ between jobs and improves our carbon footprint.