Our Fares

In accordance with the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, the following maximum fares and charges have been applied by Aberdeen City Council to all taxi and private hire vehicles fitted with taxi meters with effect from 19 December 2011.

Basic tariff

The basic tariff applies between 0800hrs and 2200hrs Mondays to Fridays for up to 4 passengers

For the first 950 yards or part thereof


For each additional 180.5 yards or part thereof


(A) Extras

Waiting time
A sum calculated at the rate of £23 per hour for waiting time.

(B) Surcharges

1. Tariff 2
A surcharge of £1 will be added for each hiring between the hours of 2200hrs on Mondays to Thursdays inclusive until 0800hrs the following day and at weekends from Fridays to Mondays between the hours of 2200hrs and 0800hrs, except between the hours of 0200hrs and 0500hrs when a surcharge of £2 will apply (time locked in meter).

2. Booking fee
A surcharge of £1.00 will apply for each pre-booked hiring.

3. Spring, May Day, Midsummer and Autumn
A surcharge of £1.00 will be added for each hiring on the following holidays: Spring, May Day, Midsummer and Autumn
2013 - 22 April, 06 May, 08 July and 23 September
2014 - 21 April, 05 May, 07 July and 22 September

4. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year holidays
For each hiring between 2200hrs on 24 December and 0500hrs on 27 December and between 2200hrs on 31 December and 0500hrs on 3 January a 50%
surcharge will be added to the basic tariff (time locked in meter)

5. Aberdeen Airport
There will be a surcharge of £1.00 for each hiring at the airport.

6. Aberdeen Railway Station
There will be a surcharge of £0.50 for each hiring at the railway station.

7. Soiling charge
A fouling charge of £50 will apply where a vehicle requires to be removed from service for cleaning as a result of passenger soiling.

8. Vehicles licensed to carry more than four passengers
Add 50% to the basic tariff plus surcharges (excluding surcharges 2, 5 and 6).

9. Debit and credit card charges
A service charge of 10% will be added when paying by debit or credit card.

Explanatory notes:

A driver is not required to take you on a journey that ends outside the city of Aberdeen unless he agrees to do so and a fare is agreed before the journey commences.
If a taxi is kept waiting beyond the booked time and the drivers presence is known to you, he is entitled to charge the full waiting time surcharge