Aberdeen Taxis’ Guide to Camping in Scotland  

As we move into the warmer months of the year, attention turns to holidays. If you’re looking for a great way to explore Scotland and all its beauty, why not consider a camping holiday in Scotland? What better way to really immerse yourself in the Scottish wilderness? Scotland is one of the most popular destinations in the world and it’s no secret that the wilds of Scotland are absolutely breathtaking.

Whether you prefer wild camping in untamed landscapes. Or using the amazing facilities at campsites in Aberdeenshire and beyond. Camping is an amazing way to discover remote parts of Scotland’s stunning landscape and get up close and personal with its incredible nature. So why not pack up your tent and head out on an adventure that you’ll never forget?

Here’s Aberdeen Taxis’ guide to wild camping in Scotland to get the ball rolling on your Scottish camping holiday!

Wild Camping in the Highlands

If you are planning a wee wild camping trip in Scotland, you must follow the Scottish Outdoor Camping Code. The slogan of the code is ‘leave no trace’, and that should be your motto whenever stepping out into Scotland’s glorious landscape.

Here are some of the important points to follow when camping:

  • Leave the area as you found it -take away all of your rubbish. Leave no trace.
  • Avoid digging or removing vegetation and boulders; choose a flat, dry area to pitch your tent.
  • Avoid busy camping spots. If there are a lot of campers, consider moving to a different camping area.
  • You are allowed to camp on most unenclosed land in Scotland, however, some areas like parts of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park only permit camping within campsites or with a camping permit. If in doubt, ask the landowner. Their advice just might help you find a better camping spot.
  • Wherever possible, use a stove rather than an open fire if you need to cook. Never light an open fire during dry periods or in sensitive places like forests or peaty ground and make sure to always keep it small and under control.
  • Wild camping access rules do not apply to motorised vehicles. Learn more about parking in the outdoors and read our guidelines for camping and caravanning.
  • Take care with toilet hygiene. Use public toilets where possible.

Using Campsites in Scotland

Scotland has some truly amazing camping parks that are located in breathtaking locations. You can find everything from crofts with stunning views of Lochs to ancient woodlands. The best part about pitching your tent at a genuine campsite is that it helps protect our natural environment and its ecosystems for future generations to enjoy. Plus, these campsites tend to offer some great facilities that can really make your holiday special. You’ll have access to basics like toilets and showers. But some places can even provide extra amenities like laundry, games rooms, restaurants, shops and other modern conveniences.

If you plan to camp in Scotland, choosing an official campsite means you’ll be able to park your vehicle right on the site, allowing you to bring all kinds of luxury items for your stay. How about a barbecue, some nice crockery, or even a cooler to keep your beers chilled? The possibilities are endless! Just don’t forget to pack a midge net or repellent! These pesky little insects can be a nuisance in Scotland, especially near water. And above all, please remember to always LEAVE. NO. TRACE. when camping in Scotland.

Where Can I Camp in Scotland?

If you’re looking for a great campsite or a tip on the best places to wild camp in Scotland, check out Visit Scotland’s guide the Best Campsites in Scotland and Best Caravan Sites in Scotland for hints on where you should go for your Scottish holiday.

If you’re after any advice or need transportation for your Scottish adventure into the countryside, don’t hesitate to contact Aberdeen Taxis. We have vehicles that are large enough to transport you, your group and all your equipment to wherever your destination may be! We also have expert local staff that can advise you on how to see the best attractions in Scotland, as well as those local hidden gems.

Visit the Aberdeen Taxis website, call us on 01224 200200 or drop in and speak to someone at 5 Crown St, Aberdeen AB11 6HA.

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