Aberdeen in Winter – Things to do and more

Taking a vacation is the best thing you could do for yourself after several months of work all through the year. Whether you choose to stay in Aberdeen and enjoy the winter break or you have some leisure time during winter, seize the opportunity to explore some amazing locations in Aberdeen City.

The appearance and feel of Aberdeen, a cosmopolitan and connected city, are much different. The streets of Aberdeen are lined with luxurious granite buildings which makes the city architecturally different. And its closeness to the sea, including its old history and unique culture, makes it the perfect city for break.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Aberdeen to make winter worthwhile during this season.


10 Fun Things to do in Aberdeen in Winter


Take a direct flight straight to Aberdeen from any location and enjoy winter in the third-largest city in Scotland. You are just an hour away from your next city break, so below are the things you can do when you get to Aberdeen. 

  1. Fireworks and Twinkling Lights

Winter Festival celebrations in Aberdeen begin on the 5th of November with Firework Nights plus an amazing show of musical pyrotechnics, including Charity Firewalk and Fire Juggling. The display is an ideal way to begin the Christmas season. Switching-on of the Christmas Lights together with a parade down Union Street (often led by the Lord Provost) is another famous event on the winter calendar.

While on the parade, check out Kelly’s Cat on Union Street Bridge as it is among your sculpture tour in Aberdeen. The city center is packed with Christmas cheer and is filled with plenty of decorations as well as an unforgettable parade, backed up by brass and pipe bands, various costumes, and floats.    

  1. Take Part in the Unique Traditions

For a thorough Scotland experience during your trip, ensure that your must-do list includes a festival or event. During winter, you can join one of our popular events, such as the Stonehaven Fireballs Ceremony hosted on New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay). Also, be sure to visit our Christmas Village and attend carol concerts to enjoy the festivities.

  1. Aberdeen City Winter Festival

The city’s winter festival and village take place between 17th November and 31st December 2022. There are concerts, ceilidhs, markets, fireworks, street entertainments, and traditional carol concerts here also. Broad Street is often the venue of the event and is run by both Aberdeen Inspired and Codona’s Amusement Park.

Festivities like a great ice rink festive fairground are held in the Brand New Civic Space. Activities are often focused on the entire family including an Open Ice rink not far from Marischal College. The scene is created by Fairy Lights and music plus refreshments are offered in the village.

  1. Aberdeen Christmas Market

If you like some churros, Bratwurst, or yummy hot chocolate while enjoying the city’s landscape, then the Aberdeen Christmas Market should be on your list. The venue for this year’s Christmas Markets is at the front of Union Square and inside Bon Accord Shopping Center. Come and experience Christmas outdoor dining at Union Square Christmas Market. You can submit an online booking via the official website of Union Square.

  1. See the Tree

Join the Christmas Tree Switch On held every year. A beautiful spruce (presented by Stavanger in Norway, known as Aberdeen’s twin town) is officially turned on every 27th November of each year with lots of sparkles. Santa’s parade is then done three days later. Enjoy the scene of Santa in his sleigh on 30th November, as he journeys through Castlegate with his faithful reindeer.

  1. Try the Local Food

This is understandably close to the top of their list. Regardless of your choice of eatery, whether a seaside cafe, a traditional pub nearby with a huge fireplace or a stylish Michelin Guide restaurant, you have the opportunity to taste our best local produce, such as fresh seafood and Aberdeen Angus Beef.

  1. Aberdeen Art Gallery

To make the most out of your stay in Aberdeen, you should make sure you visit the Aberdeen Art Gallery even if it is just once. Explore one of the Country’s best art collections and find yourself deeply lost in an amazing contemporary artwork that has been around for over 700 years. After you have visited each of the 22 exhibitions and display galleries, you can visit the rooftop of the gallery to enjoy the attractiveness of the Granite City from another viewpoint.   

  1. Get Popular Insights

Known as one of the highly architecturally unique cities in Europe by the Scotsman; be sure to travel with your cozy boots as you enjoy the view of this popular Granite City on foot. You will see the largest grey granite building in the world. Merchant Quarter and Mercat Cross are both historic locations in Marischal College and see plenty of statues of popular historic structures on the route. 

  1. Johnston Gardens

It is always amazing walking in nature, especially when you are looking to clear your mind after lots of stressful activities. Fortunately, this type of peace is nearby the city center. You only need a bus ticket to Johnston Gardens! You can visit Johnston Garden at any time of the year but it is more attractive during the winter months.

Although snow may be needed to have the ideal landscape, yet, the garden is the perfect location for a walk and also if you plan for a photoshoot (since you will surely want to have a picture of nature’s beauty). But make sure you begin early in the morning to see the full beauty of the garden while the sun is shining.

  1. Snowsport Centers

There are lots of ways to enjoy nature even in winter. One of the many ways is to play snowsports. This is not only fulfilled, but you can also have the advantage of being active. Many people in Aberdeen snowsports facilities plan to reopen in the middle of December. Some of them include Glenshee, Lecht, and the Cairngorm snowsports centers.


Are you ready to explore Aberdeen?

Above are some of the recommended locations to visit as well as things to do in the cold months. We hope that you will enjoy your time in Aberdeen. Contact Aberdeen Taxis or click here to book your taxi for your Aberdeen tour this winter.


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