SafeKab: Safest for Taxi Travel in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Taxis is thrilled to announce our official partnership with the brand-new taxi app called SafeKab. Together, we are committed to prioritising safety and making sure you have the best and safest experience while using taxi travel around our beloved Aberdeen.

But hold on, you might be wondering, who exactly is SafeKab and why should you choose their app for booking your next taxi in Aberdeen? Let us tell you all about it!

Who Are SafeKab?

In today’s world, safety is paramount, and we understand the importance of getting you home safe and sound. That’s why we’re so delighted to join forces with SafeKab, a company that shares our dedication to both passenger and driver safety. By downloading the SafeKab app you can take advantage of its innovative safety features, which have been shaped by years of experience of the taxi industry.

SafeKab is on a mission to revolutionise Taxi Travel in and around Aberdeen by making it safer and more reliable than ever. They believe that everyone should feel empowered to move around our city without any fear or vulnerability. With SafeKab, you have the power to choose and the peace of mind knowing that safety is their top priority.

SafeKab Safety Features

So, what are these incredible safety features that SafeKab brings to the table for taxi travel in Aberdeen? Let’s take a closer look:

The Power to Choose: SafeKab gives you the freedom to make the best decisions for your taxi trips in Aberdeen. The app allows you to select the car or driver that suits you, allowing you to make an informed choice. Your safety matters and SafeKab ensures you have control over your journey using taxi travel in Aberdeen.

Safety Code: Before your journey begins, SafeKab provides you with a unique safety code. Matching this code with your driver’s code ensures that you’re entering the correct vehicle. Enhancing your safety and boosting your confidence in the entire process. It’s a small step that makes a big difference for taxi travel in Aberdeen.

Journey Monitoring: Travelling alone can sometimes be worrisome, but with SafeKab, you can track your journey in real-time and share your location with your loved ones. Whether it’s a late-night ride or a daytime trip, you and your loved ones can relax! Knowing that you’re safe and that your arrival at your destination can be confirmed. Your safety is just a tap away.

Panic Button: We all want to feel safe and secure during our taxi journeys. SafeKab comes with a handy ‘panic button’ feature that you can activate whenever you feel unsafe or need assistance. By pressing the on-screen button, both Aberdeen Taxis’ local Church Street Office and a designated friend or family member will be notified of your location and the help you require. It’s comforting to know that help is just a button away, providing peace of mind for both passengers and drivers using taxi travel in Aberdeen.

SafeKab Credit: Parents or employers can deposit money into the SafeKab wallet stored in the app. This feature is particularly helpful for ensuring that young people get home safely, regardless of their expenses during a night out. Moreover, it also simplifies payment for employee or customer rides, eliminating the need for cash or card transactions. SafeKab credit makes contact-free travel a reality.

Introducing SafeWalk

SafeWalk: We all understand that feeling of vulnerability when walking alone, especially at night. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the SafeWalk feature offered by SafeKab. With this FREE in-app feature, you can share your route, position, and destination with a contact of your choice, who can track your journey in real-time. Walking alone will be a thing of the past, as you’ll have someone looking out for you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a student, a parent, a lone traveller, or a visitor to Aberdeen, SafeWalk is an invaluable tool. It ensures your safety while you explore our beautiful city, offering peace of mind to your loved ones as they keep a watchful eye over your journey.

Download SafeKab Today

We encourage you to download the SafeKab app today! Discover just how easy it is to prioritise your travel safety. Your well-being matters, and SafeKab is here to make your journey a safe one. Visit for more information or to become a partner in this exciting new step towards community safety.

Stay safe, Aberdeen! Together with SafeKab, we’re making Taxi Travel in Aberdeen the safest and most enjoyable it can be. Download the SafeKab app today and travel with confidence.

To stay updated with the latest news and promotions, follow SafeKab on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin. Join us on this remarkable journey towards safer taxi travel in Aberdeen.

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