Stay Safe on Your Christmas Night Out in Aberdeen

Read below for Aberdeen Taxis’ Top 5 tips on how to stay safe on your Christmas night out in Aberdeen.

There’s nothing better than getting together with your nearest and dearest over the festive period. This Christmas we should be able to celebrate how we once did before COVID reared its ugly head in Aberdeen pubs, clubs, and restaurants across the city.

As you step into Aberdeen in your best gear and your thoughts turn to the great night of hijinks ahead, take a moment to think of the safety measures you should be implementing to ensure your night end the best way it can!

Read Aberdeen Taxis top 5 tips on how to stay safe on your Christmas night out in Aberdeen, so you can be sure your Christmas night out is remembered for all the right reasons!

1. Get A Taxi or Arrange for A Lift for you Christmas Night Out in Aberdeen

When travelling to or from your Aberdeen Christmas night out it is worth either getting a lift from a friend or someone you know and trust or booking an Aberdeen Taxi to ensure that you get in and out of the city safely and in good time. Not only are you avoiding any of that terrible weather we have been enduring of late by not walking, but you are also lessening the possibility of coming across someone who may wish to do you harm or relieve you of some of your possessions. By taking an Aberdeen cab, you’re also far less likely to be exposed to COVID. In a car with friends or in an Aberdeen taxi you can be sure your fellow passengers and the driver are taking reasonable precautions to not spread the virus. On a bus or other public transport, you don’t have the same guarantee.

2. Always Book Your Aberdeen Taxi

Booking a taxi from Aberdeen Taxis or another licenced cab company means you know you will l have a reputable and reliable driver. Don’t be tempted to get into an unlicensed taxi for a quicker ride home out of the cold. The risks of getting into an unknown vehicle are huge both for your safety and for any kind of Covid security.  

Pre-booking your taxi into Aberdeen and home again will ensure you won’t have to wait in a cold, insecure location where anything can happen including hypothermia.

It has been well documented that many towns and cities are suffering from a lack of taxi drivers since COVID, and Aberdeen is no different. This lack of drivers working means that we will see long queues at taxi ranks, and the waiting time for taxis home will increase significantly compared to the times we have seen in previous years.

You can pre-book your taxi either by calling Aberdeen Taxis on 01224 200200 or by downloading the handy Aberdeen Taxis app

3. Safety in numbers for you Christmas Night Out in Aberdeen

When you’re out try to remain close to people that you know well This will reduce the risk of you being targeted by people who might want to victimise or attack you in some way.

4. Drink in moderation & watch your drink

Having a drink on a night out invariably leads to more than one wee drink. But for safety try and stay in control when drinking alcohol. Be mindful of your limits and don’t push beyond them and be left vulnerable.

There have also been many reports lately of spiking being on the rise in clubs and pubs, so keep a close eye on your drinks and NEVER leave them unattended at any point. Many venues offer drink covers, but if you can’t get one and aren’t able to take your drink with you, leave it with a trusted friend. A spiked drink can ruin more than just your night out.

5. Stay in well-lit areas

If you don’t get a taxi and must walk home after a night out, stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of people around. People are far less likely to commit crime if there is good lighting, CCTV and people around to see what is happening.

Know your route home and stay within sight of other people and in good lighting. Never take shortcuts, especially down dark alleys, past canals, or through abandoned places.

Above all, have a great time this Christmas Night Out in Aberdeen and don’t forget that Aberdeen Taxis is here for all your Aberdeen taxi needs.

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