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Inverness: The Capital of the Highlands, the jewel in the North, the home of the Loch Ness Monster, the birthplace of Scottish movie icon Karen Gillan, and starting point of the NC500. Inverness is a great wee place and not only has great things to do and see in the city itself, but it’s also the gateway to the mystery and majesty that is present throughout the wild highlands to the north.

How to get around in Inverness

If you’re planning a trip to the Highland capital, we’d recommend Inverness Taxis – the Highlands’ premier taxi service.

Inverness Taxis specialise in offering an exciting variety of taxi services. From executive and private car hire, Inverness airport transfers and wheelchair accessible vehicles, to personalised Highland Tours by local experts – they are your one-stop-shop for cuttin’ about Inverness and beyond!

Inverness Taxis is the longest standing award-winning taxi company in Inverness. Not only have they been providing taxis in Inverness for over 60 years, along the way they’ve won top coveted industry awards such as the ‘Best Cab Company in Scotland’, Best Customer Service’, and ‘Innovation in Tourism’ awards. You can be sure to be looked after when you choose the best taxi services in Inverness.

Stylish Safe Taxi Travel in Inverness

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of most aspects of all of our lives. While we don’t know if COVID has changed our lives just temporarily or otherwise, Inverness Taxis has been working hard to make sure that travelling with them is the safest travel option in Inverness today.

They’ve implemented advanced safety SafeKab measures such as: 

  • All cars are fitted with driver/passenger shields.
  • All customers will be offered hand sanitiser.
  • All drivers will be wearing facemasks.
  • All passengers will be offered a mask.
  • All cars are cleaned and sanitised after every journey.
  • Guaranteed services 24/7 – 365 days a year.
  • Cashless payments.
  • Highly trained and experienced drivers.
  • Over 200000 safe journeys completed since the pandemic began.

Inverness Taxis continues to examine their practices, and in tandem with working with local and national authorities will strive to ensure their customers get the best, safest journeys any ‘taxi near me’ service can provide.  

Safe, Reliable Inverness Taxi Service

Safety might be paramount right now, but it doesn’t have to be at the cost of the other qualities that Inverness Taxis have a passion for.

Reliable Service

Inverness Taxis’ efficiency and commitment have made them the most reliable taxi service in Inverness, right from the booking stage until you arrive safely at your desired destination.

Competitive rates

Taxi rates in Inverness Taxis’ eyes should always be affordable and cost-effective. These rates are set by the Highland Council and it’s the level and professionalism of service and their enhanced safety measures that bring unrivalled value to your safe taxi journey.

Professional Drivers

Inverness Taxis’ drivers are fully insured and licensed by the Highland council. They promote safety and security for all journeys undertaken with absolutely no exceptions!

How to Book an Inverness Taxi

So, whether it’s just a flying visit to Inverness for work or play, an Inverness airport taxi, or you want help to discover the Highlands, you can book an Inverness Taxis vehicle now:  

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