Aberdeen is a Great Place to Live

Aberdeen can get a wee bit of a rough time of it.

We’re often seen as the wee sister to the bigger cities in the central belt. But, we still have a lot to crow about and a recent survey proves it!

Is Aberdeen a Great Place to Live?

The Granite City has been ranked third best place to live in the UK just behind Edinburgh!
Review site HomeViews asked over 28,000 people from across the UK to review the places they lived and used the data to compile a top 10 best places to live in the UK.
Aberdeen achieved an awe-inspiring score of 4.63 out of 5, which was a breath behind Edinburgh’s score
of 4.72.

The best places to live in the UK

  1. City of Edinburgh
  2. Worcestershire
  3. City of Aberdeen
  4. Bristol Metropolitan Area
  5. Greater Manchester
  6. North Yorkshire
  7. Bedfordshire
  8. Merseyside
  9. Norfolk
  10. Leicestershire

What’s So Good About Aberdeen?

Firstly, let’s make it clear that Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland. But, it’s less
expensive and more affordable to live here than in other larger cities in Scotland such as Glasgow and
The city was also rated the 8th best city in the UK for students, finishing above many cultural ‘hotspot’
cities like Liverpool and Newcastle that get all the good ‘studenty’ press. Aberdeen was rated highly for students due to its affordability, education quality, availability and frequency of public transportation, range of dining options at varying price points, social life and the high employment rate of graduates from Aberdeen universities.

Aberdeen is a great place for students

Is Aberdeen Expensive?

Aberdeen was also recently rated the most affordable place to live for solo renters in Scotland. The city leaves renters with an average of more the £1,300 monthly income after rent, compared to the -£359 of
renters in Edinburgh!
It’s not just students that love the place, visitors love Aberdeen too with the city recently coming top of the trending places to book Airbnb in the UK for bank holidays. Travellers wanted to come to Aberdeen for a city break that
wasn’t too expensive. The Granite City beat off some tough competition from Cardiff, Leeds, and the
capital of the Highlands – Inverness!

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