In reality, when you are looking to get to or from the airport by public means of transportation, you always need to consider the huge amounts of wasted time to allow for the usually-prolonged nature of buses and the uncertain running times of trains. Booking a taxi can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the way around it. Many times you may need to pre-book the taxi to secure their services. 

However, it will be a story as we are here to guide you in finding an affordable and safest way to book a cab, and you may even choose to book the taxi a few hours to when you actually need it.

You can book a cab with Aberdeen taxis for an airport journey between 4 and 24 hours for an overnight trip, an extended vacation journey, or a weekend break UK away from work. Let’s dive into it!


Types of Trips with a Taxi Service


  • Hourly rental to attend a wedding in the city
  • 1-day trip or picnic inside the city boundaries or to an outstation venue
  • Pick-up/Drop-off from the airport
  • A weekend trip to an outstation destination
  • A long vacation for a few days
  • Pilgrimage trip within the city or other places
  • Drop-off only to another place in the city
  • Ideal for hospital visitations
  • For a shopping trip  


What is the Safest Way to Book a Cab in Aberdeen City?


Aberdeen Taxis presents a super-easy car booking process, from searching the taxis to evaluating the options and confirmation. The whole process can either be online or offline and you will see the cab when you reach the doorstep. The details of your taxi are available, and you can get the same taxi for your trip. You will save money with online cab booking. Aberdeen Taxis will also let customers get discounts from pre-booking. The online process enables customers to book and confirm their ride regardless of where they are in Aberdeen for their destination. 


Booking a Aberdeen Taxi via the App


Aberdeen Taxis offers a detailed booking system that helps customers book a cab through the App. Immediately after your details have been confirmed, you may continue with booking a cab for your trip around the destination location. You can book a taxi for the whole time that you spend there. This kind of provision will be easier for any journey where arrival is by train, and departure involves a flight. In a situation like this, you can book taxis for the airport dropoff too. 


Booking Airport cab on Aberdeen Taxis 


You can book for airport drop-off or pick-up with Aberdeen Taxis. You can book the journey from either the airport to a destination or vice versa. The taxi rental fees will be based on the overall distance between these locations. This service will be offered in all Aberdeen Taxis cities with nearby airports. Where applicable, the toll charges will be added to the rent. You will get the cab details once you confirm the payment, and you will get the driver’s details 30mins before the trip. 

Aberdeen Taxis are thoroughly screened, insured, and licensed. We use a digital booking system and our taxis have pre-installed in-car computers to make sure there is efficiency in providing rides to people. Our app is available for download on the go.    

Benefits of Booking Taxi from Aberdeen Taxis

  • Convenience:Convenience’ is a word that is hardly used when talking about the UK’s train and bus services. Even when they meet up with the time, it can be strenuous to get from and to the stations, and negotiating the transportation platforms can be tiring. When compared, the only thing to do to be sure that our airport transfers are set and waiting for you is to place a call or make an online booking. 
  • Privacy:One other great benefit of using Aberdeen Taxis’ airport taxis is that you will enjoy a private ride experience. As against other transportation options, you won’t experience such things as screaming kids, arguing couples, or boisterous teenagers in your cab, so that you will be sure of a peaceful and quiet journey. 

With reasonably affordable prices, professional drivers, top-quality services, and unmatched punctuality, we at Aberdeen Taxis are ready to provide easy and convenient airport transfers with great advantages.    


Hotels in Aberdeen 


There are many affordable hotels in Aberdeen in the centre of the city to make your holidays or weekend break in UK a remarkable. Some of them are:

  • Grace Court:This hotel can be found 5.8km from Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen, and it has a garden, patio, and free Wi-Fi. There are garden views on the property, and it is just 4.4 kilometres from Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum and 4.8 kilometres from Aberdeen Harbour. 
  • Executive apartment, Free Parking, West End: This hotel is situated in the Grampian region in Aberdeen, and it has a balcony. Executive Apartment, Free Parking, West End is located 5.2 Kilomeres from Beach Ballroom, and it provides a terrace as well as free private parking space. 
  • Austrian Flat:This hotel has a garden and free Wi-Fi within 2.9 Kilometers of the Beach Ballroom and 1.4 kilometres from Aberdeen Harbour. The apartment, carved in a building that has been in existence since 1907, is 4.9 kilometres away from Hilton Community Centre and precisely 23 kilometres far from Newburgh, located on Yhan Golf Club.
  • Mearns Street Apartments:This apartment is set in Aberdeen and just 1.4 kilometres away from Aberdeen Beach. It offers accommodation with city views, free private parking, and free Wi-Fi. Mearns Street Apartments – Grampian Lettings Ltd is set in a 2010 building and is 3.8 kilometres from Hilton Community Center and 22km from Newburgh, found on Yhan Golf Club.   


Book an Aberdeen Taxi


Do you want the most dependable and safest Aberdeen taxi service? If you desire the best Aberdeen Taxi service, you can reach us at 01224 200200 to book a taxi. Our fleet is the most convenient in the whole of Aberdeen, and our drivers are the most experienced in the city. Whether you are getting around for leisure or business, Aberdeen Taxis is ready to entertain your request as an individual or a group.

We are very happy to announce our partnership with safekab this new booking app is the safest way to book a cab in the UK for 2023.

This is a totally transparent app giving you more choice with safety features you won’t find on any other booking app.

For people who prefer to book digitally, we highly recommend you download Safekab. There is even a feature if there are no cabs available called Safe Walk, you can learn more here

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