Fancy a Career Change? Become an Aberdeen Taxi Driver!

The last few years have thrown us curveballs, but amidst the chaos, one industry stood resilient – the taxi sector. In Aberdeen, taxi drivers remained the unsung heroes, ensuring essential services continued even during lockdowns. Joining this essential workforce could be your gateway to a rewarding career change. Let’s explore why becoming an Aberdeen taxi driver might be the fresh start you’ve been searching for!

What Does a Taxi Driver Do?

Driving with Purpose

Aberdeen taxi drivers play a crucial role in transporting passengers promptly and courteously. From accepting bookings via in-car terminals to loading and unloading luggage, and chatting to passengers, the duties are diverse.

Handling Payments and Safety

Uncover the financial aspect of the job, from handling cash to card transactions. Also, delve into the responsibility of maintaining a clean and roadworthy vehicle while adhering to health and safety procedures.

How Much Does a Taxi Driver Earn?

Earning Potential

The beauty of being a taxi driver lies in the hands of the driver. Explore how working hours directly impact earnings, with weekends being the busiest. Discover the freedom of being self-employed, allowing you to shape your work life around your personal life.

Self-Employment Benefits

Unearth the advantages of being self-employed, where you keep all your earnings and pay a fee for using a taxi operator’s platform. Understand why this flexibility appeals to many taxi drivers in the UK.

Why Become a Taxi or PHC Driver in Aberdeen?

Be Your Own Boss

Explore the exceptional booking platform offered by Aberdeen Taxis and our partner – SafeKab, providing access to diverse runs. Learn how this opportunity allows you to be your own boss, earning on your terms without sacrificing income.

Meet New People

Discover the joy of meeting interesting people daily. As an Aberdeen taxi driver, you’ll engage with diverse passengers, making the job not just a career but a social experience.

How to Become a Driver


Uncover the essential prerequisites to becoming a taxi driver in Scotland. From age and driving experience to knowledge tests about Aberdeen, understand the steps needed to secure a special license from the local authority.

Approval Process

Delve into the details of the approval process, including a medical examination and background check through the Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme run by Disclosure Scotland.

Aberdeen taxi
Aberdeen Taxis

Skills and Qualifications

Enhancing Your Profile

Explore additional skills and qualifications that can boost your career as a taxi driver. From advanced driving tests to basic car maintenance skills, understand how these add-ons can make a significant difference.

Customer Service Matters

Recognise the value of customer service experience and a positive disposition. Even without formal experience, a personable temperament can elevate your career in private car hire.

How to Apply to Be a Taxi Driver

Join the Ranks

Aberdeen Taxis is actively seeking both experienced and new taxi drivers. Learn how to initiate the application process by contacting us via phone 01224 200200 or sending an email.


Becoming an Aberdeen taxi driver opens doors to flexibility, independence, and a unique social experience. In a world where stability is rare, this career change might just be the gear shift you’ve been waiting for.


  1. Q: Can I choose my working hours as a taxi driver?
    • A: Absolutely! Being a taxi driver allows you the freedom to decide when and how much you want to work.
  2. Q: What if I don’t have customer service experience?
    • A: While helpful, it’s not mandatory. A personable temperament and positive attitude can make a significant difference.
  3. Q: Are there age restrictions to becoming a taxi driver?
    • A: Yes, you need to be at least 21 years old to apply.
  4. Q: Can I apply if I don’t live in Aberdeen?
    • A: Generally, you need to apply for a special license from the Council, so residing in or near Aberdeen is advisable.
  5. Q: How do I prepare for the knowledge test about Aberdeen?
    • A: The test typically covers local geography and key locations; familiarise yourself with the area to succeed.

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