Hangover Cures You Might Need this Christmas

Having a couple of drinks at Christmas is a Scottish tradition, so why not read Aberdeen Taxis guide to the best hangover cures to get you back on your feet after a busy festive period

It has been said that the best hangover cure is to not drink at all. But should you wish to imbibe responsibly it’s best to know the tried and tested ways to assign that hangover to the past? We do of course recommend that you enjoy your alcohol responsibly and if you’re out in the city, Aberdeen Taxis is here to get you to where you are going 24/7 365 days of the year!

Have a look at our top 5 hangover cures, but remember, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful cures out there and it often takes a combination of them to make you feel human again

Fizzy Drinks  

A rake of sugary juice might be just what you need to give you your energy back after a hard night. Alcohol will interrupt your sleep, so the sugar will give you energy and the fizz will help settle an upset stomach. Get an ice-cold can of Irn Bru (old recipe if you can) and you’ll be on the road to recovery.

Fry up

Carbs are your friend if you have had a heavy night. A fry up is a perfect partner that will restore your sugar levels, as well as replace much-needed nutrients and minerals you lost somewhere last night. Your body will crave grease as a hangover cures, so give it what it wants and get back to your best! 

Hair of the dog

This cure is not for the faint-hearted. People say that having a few more will delay the hangover and it might even lessen the symptoms when it comes. Many swear by a wee dark fruits or Kopparberg `to replace lost sugar and add a wee bit of alcohol to soften the harshness of your hangover.  However, there is a danger that drinking more alcohol will make the hangover worse though so beware with this hangover cures!


One way to avoid having to deal with a hangover is to just sleep right through it. Alcohol will disturb your sleep, so you will have sleep to catch up on. An extra few hours in your nice warm bed will help your body deal with the excesses of the night before. Just remember to drink plenty of water whenever you manage to stay awake. Water is possibly the best thing for you as you will be dehydrated from whatever tasty tippled you sampled last night. 

Fresh Air

A wee step out into the great outdoors will blow away the cobwebs. Even if it’s just a walk to the end of the street, the fresh air and exercise will get your body back in a normal rhythm and on the road to being ‘normal’ once again. If you can, get out into a green area. Exposure to nature will help with any underlying heebie-jeebies and expose your brain to increased oxygen levels and keep your serotonin nice and high. A really healthy hangover cure.

Have a great time this festive period and please try and enjoy your alcohol responsibly. Whether you are out in Aberdeen catching up with pals or at home with the family this Christmas, Aberdeen Taxis are here to get you safely around the city, no matter the restrictions that may come to pass.

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