Save Money on Your Aberdeen Fuel Costs

With fuel costs soaring, Aberdeen Taxis explains why fuel prices are so high in 2022, and how you can cut your fuel costs. 

Owning a car has never been a cheap endeavour. But with fuel costs spiralling, a cost-of-living crisis, and heating our homes becoming extortionate, is owning our beloved vehicle going to be the straw that breaks Britain’s back?

Fuel costs in the city and around the country are now over £2 a litre on some forecourts, and it doesn’t look to be coming down any time soon, so why is the price of fuel so high?

Why are Fuel Prices so High?

Oil prices worldwide spiked this year and its effects on the price of fuel made from oil, and industries that use anything that is made from oil have forced prices up. The cost is rising due to the ever-increasing price of oil production which has grown by 60 per cent in the last 12 months. This spiralling cost of oil after barrel cost coupled with the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine means we are paying more than ever before to fill up our cars. 

The price of oil has a direct impact on the price of petrol and diesel on our forecourts. But not only this, many industries rely on those fuels – from transportation and heavy industry to manufacturing and even hospitality and retail! That increase in oil price means other industries are forced to up their prices leaving the consumer to foot the bill!

The UK is making moves to be less reliant on Russian oil and gas reserves now Russian is holding them hostage. This could mean new deals with other countries now Brexit has allowed fresh trade agreements to be made, or it could lead to new fuel being sought on home soil. Fracking remains on the lips of many ministers in parliament, so it is a real possibility that the UK could commit to a rethink on the future of fracking.  Ideally, a move to using greener methods of energy like renewables and switching to electric and hybrid cars could be the solution we are looking for.

What Can I Do to Reduce Fuel Costs?

Reducing your fuel costs could help you save a lot of money in this time of fuel crisis. There are some great measures you can take right now to reduce your fuel costs.

The obvious method is to reduce the amount you use your car or vehicle. You could invest in a bicycle for shorter commutable journeys. In the long run that could save you hundreds of pounds a year and go to helping you keep fit and healthy.

You could also switch your vehicle to an electric vehicle. You can top up for free at many places these days, and with oil, a finite resource investment in electric vehicles is at an all-time high, so they are only getting better! 

Beyond these changes, you could save money on fuel just by adopting some better driving habits:

  • Tyre Pressures

Having your vehicle’s tyres inflated to the correct pressures has a huge impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

  • Accelerate and Brake Responsibly  

Aggressive acceleration and sudden brakes might make you feel a little more like Lewis Hamilton, but it harms your vehicle’s fuel efficiency greatly.

  • Aerodynamics

Opening your windows can play a big part in your car’s aerodynamics, even if they are just open a crack. At high speeds, this open window will affect the drag and, in turn, your fuel efficiency.

  • Check Your Weight

The more weight there is in the car, the higher your fuel costs are going to be.

  • Clean Your Filters

Keep the clean car ethos going and make sure to clean your dirty or clogged fair and oil filters. Get your engine serviced regularly and the more you keep that engine working at an optimal level, the less you’ll spend on fuel.

Leave The Car at Home and Save Money on Motoring

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