In reality, when you are looking to get to or from the airport by public means of transportation, you always need to consider the huge amounts of wasted time to allow for the usually-prolonged nature of buses and the uncertain running times of trains. Booking a taxi can be costly, but it doesn’t have to […]

Aberdeen in Winter – Things to do and more

Aberdeen in Winter

Taking a vacation is the best thing you could do for yourself after several months of work all through the year. Whether you choose to stay in Aberdeen and enjoy the winter break or you have some leisure time during winter, seize the opportunity to explore some amazing locations in Aberdeen City. The appearance and […]


Fun Things for a Family to do in Aberdeen

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Aberdeen with kids and family. Being the third-largest city in Scotland and well placed closer to many gorgeous beaches including panoramic inland countryside with lots of castles, you will never run out of options to entertain and be entertained. If you are finding it hard […]

Top Distilleries Near Aberdeen

wooden barrels in winery

Scotland is famous throughout the world for its whisky and the distilleries that put the magic in those glass bottles. Aberdeen has some of the best distilleries in Scotland right on its doorstep producing the finest single malts, and you can visit Aberdeen distilleries and gain a rare insight into the artistry that goes into […]

Visit Inverness – Taxis in Inverness

Inverness Taxis

Inverness: The Capital of the Highlands, the jewel in the North, the home of the Loch Ness Monster, the birthplace of Scottish movie icon Karen Gillan, and starting point of the NC500. Inverness is a great wee place and not only has great things to do and see in the city itself, but it’s also […]

Aberdeen Golf Transfers

Golf Transfer Aberdeen

Golf holidays in Scotland are a rite of passage for every golf enthusiast.  Scotland have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and it also has an abundance of history too. Not only is Scotland the answer to the much-pondered question: ‘Where was golf invented?’, it also has some of the oldest and […]

Inverness Takeaways Delivered with getzz

getzz delivery

Inverness is just up the road and with staycations on everyone’s mind, places like the Highland Capital are a perfect place to get away to place full of new things to see, do and experience. So, if you’re planning to visit Inverness for business or pleasure this summer and are looking for some great local […]

When And How To Tip a Taxi Driver.

Different cultures have different expectations when it comes to tipping for services offered to travelers. But here’s a general practice you can observe while traveling to different places – Give at least 10-20% of your total bill as tip if you think the service was great enough and your provider deserves it. Traveling to Scotland […]

Best customer service 2018

Aberdeen taxis provides the best customer service in Scotland, its official!All the hard work from our team has paid off, our company now holds the award for best customer service in the taxi/phc industry in Scotland. The awards ceremony was held on the 17th of March in Glasgow which we addended. The night was fabulous […]

Uber Aberdeen

We do not have Uber Aberdeen but here are three reasons to use Aberdeen Taxis Often you would see a lot of people struggling to find a public transport to reach their destinations, but in recent times, especially with the technological boom around the world, some online taxi booking apps have come around naming the […]